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Hello all and Welcome!

This is Broken Frontier, yes, the juggernaut has returned!  Warlords of Draenor is here and it is marvelous!  So, ceremoniously, we have come back in the to the raiding world which spans many different realms where our friends can come and raid together once more!  Have I mentioned all the new mounts(OMFG THERE ARE SO MANY!)?  Welcome back to Broken Frontier!
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Brackenspore and....TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basu1, Dec 12, 14 12:59 AM.
GG tonight, Frontiers(wo)men! Downed Brackenspore and Twin Ogron with minimal effort and tooling! Pat yourselves on the back! Also this week we're glad to welcome our friends from FnB into Broken Frontier! Looking forward to seeing some of the faces I missed this week, next week! Going to start on heroic Kargath again, flip to normal and make a mad dash toward Ko'ragh on Tuesday and hopefully have most of Thursday to down him and Mar'gok! In the meantime, have a great weekend!

   PS: Our reaction to killing Twin Ogron.

With or without you...

Basu1, Dec 10, 14 8:50 AM.
Even with MANY people missing from last week(and a late start), we still managed to down Heroic Kargath and normal mode Tectus(finally)!  Hoping to see more people show for Thursday and I'd like to be staring down Mar'gok before the evening is done.  Congrats, guys, you deserve the victories!

Day 1...we fought some Ogres...

Basu1, Dec 5, 14 2:07 AM.
With the AMAZING implementation of flexible raid tech in normal and heroic mode raids in WoD we pulled a lot of friends in from all sorts of different servers and old times!  Was good to see some old faces new again...and crush some new raid boss faces!  2/7 Normal mode(Kargath Bladefist and The Butcher), pat yourselves on the back guys, next week we crush all of Highmaul!  Can't wait to see where our will go!


Basu1, Aug 16, 13 12:22 PM.
With Patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar right around the corner I figured it would behoove me to update the old website and bring it up to speed!  Flex raid group for all the good ol' Broken Frontiersmen will begin as soon as possible after the patch hits!  Once again to reiterate, flexible raid days will be Saturday and Sunday at 8PM to probably 11PM central time.  The point of this group is to get the old gang back together without having to dedicate time to a rigid schedule, so if you miss a part of a raid day, a whole raid day, or even both raid days, no harm, no foul!  If people show enough interest later, I would be willing to run a normal mode weekly group, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  Bottom line is, we're back and breakin' necks and cashin' checks!

Saiga's real face...

Basu1, Apr 20, 11 8:37 PM.
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