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Hello all and Welcome!

This is Broken Frontier, yes, the juggernaut has returned!  Warlords of Draenor is here and it is marvelous!  So, ceremoniously, we have come back in the to the raiding world which spans many different realms where our friends can come and raid together once more!  Have I mentioned all the new mounts(OMFG THERE ARE SO MANY!)?  Welcome back to Broken Frontier!
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Basu1, Mar 24, 15 12:13 AM.
This poor website, though I update our Facebook page regularly, this little gem seems to not get the attention it deserves!  First off, Blackrock Foundry came out a while back and we're sitting at 7/10 Heroic, we've gained some new people, lost some old ones.  All in all, business is still booming and we're looking to expand so we have a more consistent core of raiders here on the days that we do raid!  More updates to come!

Big week...

Basu1, Jan 2, 15 12:40 AM.
This week in Broken Frontier's raid group....serious ass was kicked.  A lot.  And hard.  FIVE new bosses down, count'em FIVE!  We're sitting pretty at 7/7N and 5/7H!  A BIG pat on the back to all who came and put the work in to down these new bosses, congratulations, guys and girls!!!  In other news, loot council is implemented as of this last Tuesday, note that everything you do is counted and used in the distribution of loot...the more punctual, attendant, helpful, and cordial you are, the better chance you'll be decked out in delicious purples!  Also, we're looking at adding Wednesday to our raid schedule, but it won't be for at least 2 more weeks...let me know any feedback you guys have on the matter!  I hope everyone had a great New Year and over all holiday season!  I'm having a great time raiding with you all and I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to our prospects in the year 2015!!!  Happy New Year, BF <3  

Warcraft Logs

Basu1, Dec 23, 14 2:36 PM.

The above is where our parses for raids will be posted...finally.  I know, I'm lazy.  I'm aware. :D

Brackenspore and....TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basu1, Dec 12, 14 12:59 AM.
GG tonight, Frontiers(wo)men! Downed Brackenspore and Twin Ogron with minimal effort and tooling! Pat yourselves on the back! Also this week we're glad to welcome our friends from FnB into Broken Frontier! Looking forward to seeing some of the faces I missed this week, next week! Going to start on heroic Kargath again, flip to normal and make a mad dash toward Ko'ragh on Tuesday and hopefully have most of Thursday to down him and Mar'gok! In the meantime, have a great weekend!

   PS: Our reaction to killing Twin Ogron.

With or without you...

Basu1, Dec 10, 14 8:50 AM.
Even with MANY people missing from last week(and a late start), we still managed to down Heroic Kargath and normal mode Tectus(finally)!  Hoping to see more people show for Thursday and I'd like to be staring down Mar'gok before the evening is done.  Congrats, guys, you deserve the victories!
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