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Hello all and Welcome!

This is Broken Frontier, yes, the juggernaut has returned!  Cataclysm is here!  Friends old and new have come together to breath life back into the beast that is this guild!  We're on the lookout for all talented, dedicated individuals with ambition and a good sense of humor!  The core of this guild has been playing together for several years now, and some of us even are even RL friends from the small town of Covington, IN(and surrounding areas)!  Welcome to Broken Frontier, we look forward to raiding with you!

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Basu1, Aug 16, 13 12:22 PM.
With Patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar right around the corner I figured it would behoove me to update the old website and bring it up to speed!  Flex raid group for all the good ol' Broken Frontiersmen will begin as soon as possible after the patch hits!  Once again to reiterate, flexible raid days will be Saturday and Sunday at 8PM to probably 11PM central time.  The point of this group is to get the old gang back together without having to dedicate time to a rigid schedule, so if you miss a part of a raid day, a whole raid day, or even both raid days, no harm, no foul!  If people show enough interest later, I would be willing to run a normal mode weekly group, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  Bottom line is, we're back and breakin' necks and cashin' checks!

Saiga's real face...

Basu1, Apr 20, 11 8:37 PM.

Omnitron Defense System

DRandles3636, Apr 20, 11 5:47 PM.
Omnitron Defense System is Offline! ... BF Wins!

Well that was a nice nap...

Basu1, Mar 25, 11 5:59 PM.
Oh shit!  Cataclysm is here!  *grabs old friends*!!!  BF is looking to focus on 10 man raiding right now, but we need more people to fill those slots!!!  Get out and recruit!


Jagruti, Sep 4, 10 4:43 AM.
Hello again to everyone! Broken Frontier has downed Sindragosa in 25 man. Now onward to Lich King!
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